Financial Betting Offers

What’s Next? was set up to provide the best deals on spread betting and trading, as well as information for new users of these services.  Spread betting is risky, and traders may lose more than their initial deposit, but there are also significant opportunities to profit from trading. The best route to this is to read before you start trading, and to continually educate yourself to improve performance. Visit our course guide for more information on trading and spread betting.

You’ve read and studied the sections and now you’re ready to trade. The next step is to do your research, then open up a trading account and start trading based on your rational decisions that are based on good research, use the strategies we’ve discussed and start making money!

Just a point to you all with spread betting accounts, I often get a phone call from my account manager, anyway recently I got a call and after a brief chat on the markets…etc, I mentioned one thing i didn’t get was a joining bonus, she said ok I’ll look at that and 5 minutes after our chat 100 quid was credited to my account, just goes to show if you don’t ask you don’t get, also got a bottle of bollinger from Spreadex at xmas, when they phoned and asked me why my account had been inactive for a few weeks. Remember it’s a competitive field so make sure they comp you something!

Introductory offers and cash back bonuses. Some spread betting brokers offer new clients promotions that entitle them to money back on their losses and in some cases free cash, no questions asked. A company called Ayondo will in fact give you up to £500 free when you switch providers. This is a highly competitive offer and is certainly worth checking out.

Offer 1: For clients who open an Ayondo account I’ve found this special £500 New Account Bonus offer from Ayondo when you switch your spread betting account to them. [in reality you don’t even need to switch, you just have to send Ayondo a copy of another broker statement] Please note, that with spread betting losses can exceed deposits. Ayondo have addresses this with their non-negative balance policy which essentially means that you cannot incur losses more than the amount you deposit into your account.

Offer 2: Open a account today (previously this was known as Betonmarkets), and you’ll get a £20 Free Bet!*

Why Well for one it is an excellent site. Limited Risk. Clear and simple interface. All bets double checked. Essentially a true betting site quoting odds and returns and clear statement of risk. Risk can also be minimised by using orders and triggers after a bet is placed, or closing a bet early to trap profit or loss. Low start costs. Virtual trading available. Great place to start if you are beginning.

Spreads. This is perhaps one of the most important factors – especially for those of you that deal frequently. The spread is the difference between the buy and the sell price and is how the spread betting firms makes its money. By finding the company offering the best spreads, you are saving yourself money on each and every trade you place which can build up to be quite a considerable sum of money over a long period of time.