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There are an ever growing number of companies (bookies) who specialise in taking bets on various stock market and commodities. For example:

To use their services you need to complete and application form and it to them. They will then decide on your betting limit and send you a letter with your own personal account log on details on it.

To place a bet, just call a spread betting dealer and make your bet – or even more simply use the online trading platform to make a spread bet.

An example of a spreadbet is: ‘I want to bet £10 a point on the December FTSE index going above your quoted price.’ This is called an ‘Up’ bet. Actually you would say something more like this ‘S2123 John Smith speaking. Buy December FTSe, 4235 at £10 a point’ The ‘S2123’ is your unique code number allocated to you by (for instance) IG Index when you join. The ‘4235’ is the quote they have just given you for the December FTSE.

That’s it. Your bet has been placed. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

IG Index and many other companies also allow for Internet and mobile betting (you don’t even need to call a dealer) and these methods of trading are now by far the most popular.

You can find other spread betting bookies by using a search engines and searching under keywords such as spread betting or financial spread betting.

Most spread betting firms offer the facility to open a demo account. Before playing around with real money, it can be worth building a model portfolio to see how you would fare.

Every financial betting and spread betting provider has its positive and negative qualities. Also, things change very quickly in the spread trading business. Key staff and innovators move from one form to another making the financial bookmakers services a constantly changing marketplace. You can keep up to date with the latest developments at our site.