Financial Betting | Spread Betting

There’s no doubt that financial betting and spread betting have now become an integral part of any serious punter’s armoury.  That said, it is still debatable whether these trading products are  yet to become truly ‘mainstream’.  And this is a pity, because it’s fun, fast, and – and perhaps more importantly –  can be extremely profitable if approached in the correct way.

The thing is when I was  introduced to spread betting a number of years ago I immediately saw the incredible potential if approached correctly.  For day trading there’s nothing that can beat financial spread betting.

As I said for day trading spread betting may be a better bet. Pardon the pun -;)

The fees are in the spread – so watch the spread. There is no Capital Gains Tax, stamp duty, explicit trading commissions.

Also, you can gain the same exposure at a much lower capital outlay. Bear in mind you may need the money to back it up!! And don’t forget, importantly it’s easy to sell short. You can place stops/limits on your losses (at a cost) to prevent you from losing your shirt.

Example: bank share is trading on a spread betting site at at 200p (bid) – 203p (offer). Buy at £50 a penny at 203p, so each penny it goes up or down you are have/have not 203-current bid price. Similar to having bought £10,150 worth of the share. There’ll be a margin requirement depending on the market – say 10% for a FTSE 100 share, so 1015 at the outset.

You predict the direction – you make a profit.  That’s how you make money spread betting!

You decide that a share price is going to move in a particular direction – you think it will go either up or down in price.  You ‘buy’ if you think the price will go up and you ’sell’ if you think it will go down.

You stake a certain amount, for example EUR10 for every point that the share price moves.  If the share price moves in the direction that you predict then you make a profit.  If, on the other hand you are wrong about the price movement, you make a loss of EUR10 for every point it moves against you.

Making Money Spread Betting

Make Money Spread Betting

Some spread betters seem to enjoy giving their monies away.

They trade at the wrong times.

They take their profits too soon.

They run losses.

They feel like they’re just tossing a coin in the air.

They contribute to the millions in profit that the spread betting providers make each year.

Don’t be one.

Get a grip and work out a trading plan.

That means:

  1. Know how much you want to make in profit.
  2. Know how much you are prepared to risk, as soon as you put a spread bet on.
  3. Don’t trade for the sake of it or because you are bored, walk away.
  4. Don’t get number drunk, that implies don’t sit staring at numbers moving on a screen.
  5. If you are new to financial spread betting or trading, take as much time as you like.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the functionality of the spread betting platform(s) you are using.

This is how you will make money spread betting.

May your new home-based-business be an educational, enjoyable, and profitable one!



Note:  We believe that users should make the most of the deals offered by the spread betting and trading companies, as it can help limit the risk as well as increase profits for traders. We have a page for our favourite trading deals, so make sure you have a look before opening an account, and take the offer that most appeals to you.